15 Bad Situations Each Young Mom Will Go Through


You’ve probably been dreaming about getting married and having your own kids since childhood. You fantasize about what your house will look like, the kind of husband you will have, what the name of your kids will be and so on. From a young age you play with dolls pretending to be their mother and taking care of them like a baby. What your young self doesn’t know is that parenthood is a lot more than just pretend play and the moment you jump into this new phase of life is when you realize what you’ve gotten yourself into. Let’s talk about some of the situations motherhood can make you go through and how to stay sane in these situations.

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1.     Education or Motherhood

This is one of the toughest conditions you might have to face. It is okay to get married at a young age but having kids at the same time is a different story. I have seen a lot of mothers with goals and dreams to chase but fate had something else in store for them: a baby.  So if you’re planning to have a baby while you’re young make sure your education is complete and your career is all set. You don’t want to be in a situation where you have to choose between your little one or your education/career.

2.     You Will Be Clueless 

Being clueless in the beginning is normal for every typical girl and if you’re young, be mentally prepared for this scenario. Motherhood has its challenges and you might feel like you have it all figured out but if you repeatedly say phrases like “it's just a baby” and “I can totally handle it” then know this, you’re screwed. It all comes crashing down when you have a baby in your hands, food on the stove and a vacuum in the other hand. But don’t worry, with a sound mind and an open heart you can totally overcome this phase. What you can do in this situation is just focus on one thing, that you are a good mother, and you can totally do this!

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