What “Retired” Supermodels of the Past Look Like and What They Do Now

In the present age when someone says “supermodel”, you probably get the picture of young hotties Kendall Jenner or Gigi Hadid, but there are probably more supermodels from Instagram like Cara Delevingne, Chrissy Teigen and a lot more. The introduction of these new models does not mean that there were no real supermodels before them. It was actually a runway war back then when every other supermodel used to walk on the ramp with their own unique style and class. These models, walked on the runways with sheer confidence, high fashion and grace. All the magazines were loaded with the pictures of these supermodels who were very talented in their profession. Have a peek at these supermodels and see how they look today.

1. Cindy Crawford


There are many models who just come and go, but Cindy Crawford does not fit in that list. She started her career in 1986 with her breakout Vogue cover. Right from the beginning, Cindy has made sure that nothing is left out in her career of modelling and fashion. At this rate, it is clear that she is not aiming to slow down. Currently, she is the owner of a skincare line and her children look up to her as a role model. Her children, too, have stepped into the fashion and modelling industry and as she shared with Vanity Fair in 2017, she is really happy seeing her children “get their feet wet in the fabulous world of fashion”.

2. Christy Turlington


This supermodel was discovered in her teens. Christy then made her mark in the fashion industry as she worked with big names like Calvin Klein, Vogue and Maybelline. Even though she was leading a successful career in modelling, she quit in 1994 and went on to pursue her education (which was a wise decision). She said in Interview that she felt used during her career in modelling but that hasn’t made any difference in her life as she has been busy. She got married to Edward Burns in 2003 and has two kids. Currently, she is running a nonprofit organization called Every Mother Counts, an organization that aims to provide maternal health to women all over the world.

3. Linda Evangelista


Linda Evangelista disclosed to Interview that when she started her career in modeling in the ‘80s, her agents told her she should not expect a career of more than 3 years in the fashion industry. She proved their remarks wrong by becoming one of the most popular and in-demand supermodels in history. This fame reached a point where she wouldn’t even get out of bed for anything less than $10,000 for a day’s work. Currently, she is a working mother, working as a vice president, spokesperson and creative director for a topical wrinkle-erasing concentrate.

4. Eva Herzigova


Eva Herzigova was featured in an ad that has been called “the most iconic of all time.” From then on, she modelled for famous names including Sports Illustrated, Victoria’s Secret and rocked the ramp for Louis Vuitton and Prada. She was captured in a Dior Campaign in 2010 and also dabbled in philanthropy with her partner DKMS. She got engaged in 2017 to her partner Gregorio Marsiaj and they are parents to three beautiful children.

5. Naomi Campbell


Before Naomi Campbell’s famous incident of throwing her cell phone in 2006, she had made her name through music videos and those mesmerizing walks on the runway. She was the first ever black model featured on the cover for Vogue, but she says that the struggle wasn’t easy. Her color caused many hardships in her career but she fought them all head on. Currently, she is working as the executive producer for The Face which is a reality TV show. She even interviewed Vladimir Putin.

6. Yasmin Le Bon


Yasmin Le Bon was signed to Agency Models when she was just about 18. She quickly secured the title of “highest paid model in the world”. A few later when Yasmin turned 21, she married the front man of Duran Duran, Simon Le Bon. This marriage meant her life was stamped with stardom and being in the spotlight forever. Of course it wasn’t easy for her and soon she revealed she was constantly battling with depression in her life. Today, she is continuing her career in modelling and reportedly modeled for Georgio Armani in 2016.

7. Helena Christensen


Helena Christensen was a famous supermodel in her time. She entered the fashion industry through her appearance in the Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game” music game in 1989. This opportunity paved the way for her and she continued her modelling career for CoverGirl and Victoria’s Secret. Currently, she is working as a photographer and keeping her fashion dreams alive!

8. Claudia Schiffer


Claudia Schiffer was discovered at the age of 17 and was selected by the late Karl Lagerfeld himself as a Chanel model. This amazing phase soon ended when Karl implied that he was no longer interested in working with her as the face of Chanel in 1996. But she didn’t let that get in the way of her success. She got married to Matthew Vaughen in 2002, has three kids and is living a happy life with her family.

9. Stephanie Seymour


Originally, Stephanie was a Victoria’s Secret model and also a cover girl for Vogue. She is the ex-girlfriend of Axl Rose who was the front man of Guns N’ Roses. Stephanie has parted ways with the spotlight but she still managed to grab headlines when she was arrested for driving under the influence. She says that Gigi Hadid and Kendell Jenner are not real supermodels, rather they’re “bitches of the moment”.

10. Tajtana Patitz


Tajtana Patitz was discovered at the age of 17, and using her talent as a stepping stone quickly managed to make her name in the world of modelling. She always felt like she didn’t belong in this world which is why even after being a model in high demand and photographed for British Vogue in the early 90s, she was not as popular as the rest of models who shared the cover. She still got featured in multiple high-fashion magazines and currently has a contract with L’Oreal. 


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