34 Photos of Teenagers From Around the World 100 Years Ago - Part 2

 In all of human history, we have observed that the older generation is somehow different, in terms of appearance, from the younger generation. We at SurpirsePlease took an interest in this vintage subject, and we explored just how much young people have evolved over the last 100 years. Because it is a bit too tricky to find information about people’s personal characteristics, we weigh in on something a bit simpler, but nevertheless intriguing — teenagers’ appearances around the world. SurprisePlease respectfully invites you to take a glance at what we found — the results are fascinating to see!

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Poland and Estonia


© realityayslum.tumblr.com / vintageyoungins.tumblr.com

In this photo the Estonian girls are imitating poses from a film, in an attempt to look like adults.





© spanishroyals.tumblr.com   © Wikimedia Foundation  

Right: The 16-year-old Federico García Lorca, a Spanish poet.

Left: Two little girls, Maria-Christina and Beatrice.

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Argentina and Mexico


© shorpy.com   © Wikimedia Foundation  

On the right, the serious-looking girl is a 13-year-old Frida Kahlo. 




© prettybegonia.tumblr.com   © Wikimedia Foundation  

Right: Vintage Photograph of students at a school in Fukuoka, which was the first site to introduce the ’sailor-style’ school uniform seen here.

Left: Maiko girls (who would become geishas) relax on a balcony.

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Romania and Albania


© PostMan/flickr.com   © discoveringalbania.com  

The rare photograph of world-famous Mother Theresa on the left.

The photograph on the right displays two Albanian girls aged around 13-14. 

Scotland and Ireland


© Wikimedia Foundation   © irishcentral.com  

This rare photograph on the right is one of the first color photographs ever taken in Ireland, shot around 1913. It displays a 14-year-old girl in traditional dress.

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© weheartit.com   © Warsaw1948/flickr.com  

Right: A band of children on their way to the Serpentine Lake in Hyde Park, London, to enjoy some fishing.

Left: A schoolgirl in Kensington, London.

Nepal and China


© old Man with Charm/flickr.com   © OnThisDay & Facts/twitter.com  

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