Miley Cyrus's Mom took a photo with a safe full of weed

Miley Cyrus loves weed and we know it from her Instagram posts. While she’s getting millions of likes, her parents try to keep up with her. Singer Billy Ray Cyrus, Miley’s father, posted a photo to Twitter and Instagram earlier this week that showed his wife, Tish Cyrus, posing next to a big safe with 16 huge bags of pot.


And that was the mistake. It seems like everyone hates the Cyrus family after that post. No, not for weed propaganda but for white privilege in the criminal justice system.


“First of all… My husband is INSANE, Second, this picture is also insane, and third this is NOT my weed or my house! hahah. But if it was, that would be amazing for so many reasons!”

writes Tish as an excuse, but it won’t help

The original post got comments about people of color who were jailed for having small amounts of pot while celebrities are posing with a dozen bags of weed.

“Now speak out about all of the people (mostly black and brown) sitting in prison for possessing or selling less than one of those bags,” one user said.

“Please use your societal position to amplify the injustice of every single human being forced to live in a cage (a population that is disproportionately Black) because of the contrived illegality of this same plant,” another user added.

We need to say that recreational marijuana is legal in the state of California where the Cyrus family lives. But no one knows where the photo was taken.  California’s weed laws provide for a limited amount that any private citizen can possess at a time. But the amount in Billy Ray’s photo is much more. Moreover, we don’t know if those bags belongs to a private citizen or to a legal dispensary business.

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