Top-10: WTF is the #MirrorRunChallenge That’s Taking the Internet by Storm?

A collection of the top 10 #MirrorRunChallenges you’ll still find trending.

It appears as though the famous Japanese anime character, Naruto,  has sparked a new trend. The #MirrorRunChallenge has become a phenomenon among internet users across several different platforms including the popular short video app, TikTok, and YouTube. Inspired by Naruto’s famous running style, the #MirrorRunChallenge is to create the illusion of running through multiple bathrooms while doing the iconic Naruto Dash. Here’s a tutorial so you can try it yourself.

The #MirrorRunChallenge  has absolutely taken the internet by storm. It was first uploaded on TikTok before reaching YouTube and Facebook influencers who have taken on the challenge and posted videos of themselves running in a similar fashion.

None can top Singaporean filmmaker Jaze Phua who featured himself and Douglas Tan fighting while completing the challenge. The theme song was also changed from Initial D’s “Déjà Vu” to Naruto’s “Silhouette.” Reaching 58,000 views in under a week, here’s Jaze Phua’s first video:

Phua also came out with a second attempt at the challenge, kicking it up a notch by highlighting Naruto and his well-known nemesis, Sasuke, engaging in their famed rivalry.

It is said that Jaze Phua holds the #1 spot for the best #MirrorRunChallenge, but many others are also trying to make their mark as the best. Here’s our ranking of the rest of the Top 10 BEST #MirrorRunChallenges.


Twitter user @ikofish posted his version of the internet challenge on his page for his viewers to see, and it went viral. Reposted to YouTube, his take on the #MirrorRunChallenge reached an even larger viewer base. Featuring an additional visual illusion of a sudden outfit change into Japanese fighter clothes, @ikofish earned the #2 position on our list.



Instagram user @iamtinos posted his interpretation of the #MirrorRunChallenge on his Instagram page. Not only creating the illusion of running through multiple bathrooms but also that he has the power of teleportation, @iamtinos shows he puts his life into the challenge with props and places that signify important parts of himself. This earns him the #3 position on our Top-10 list.

#4: @DeadPirateBrandon

Tik Tok user @DeadPirateBrandon posted an interesting interpretation of the #MirrorRunChallenge to his Tik Tok. Instead of the common use of a mirror to create the illusion, @DeadPirateBrandon set up his camera inside the bathroom and created the illusion of a time warp as he passes through the same bathroom multiple times. This creative and innovative take on the #MirrorRunChallenge earns him the #4 position on our list.


#5: Aldyla Cows

This rendition of the #MirrorRunChallenge on Youtube features a group of girls backstage at a dance competition all participating in the challenge. With fun poses and flawless transitions creating the desired illusion, these girls deserve the #5 spot.

#6: Bara Pradiptya

YouTube user Bara Pradiptya posted his interpretation of the #MirrorRunChallenge online, featuring himself running in the Naruto Dash fashion and even went to the extent of adding in the same visual effect seen in the Naruto show when he runs. Bara Pradiptya’s creativity in adding the visuals earns him the #6 spot on our list.


#7: Brett Stephens

Youtube user Brett Stephens tried his hand at this internet challenge and posted it to his channel for viewer entertainment. Truly harnessing his inner Naruto and wearing the signature headpiece seen on the famous anime character, Brett creates the desired effect and even incorporates some fun poses we see in the show; thus earning him the #7 position.

#8: Skoncro

Youtube influencer Skoncro decided to see just what the #MirrorRunChallenge craze was about and posted his attempt to his channel. His video features an outfit change and trendy music as he nails the effect for the challenge. This earns him the #8 spot on our list.


#9: Sparkle Paw

YouTube user Sparkle Paw gave the popular #MirrorDashChallenge a try and posted her take on her page to give her viewers a good laugh. Her interpretation of the challenge provides a glimpse into the more comedic side of the internet trend by featuring a costume consisting of a blanket cape and big sunglasses while still flawlessly completing the challenge, earning her the #9 spot on our list.

#10: JJBowdenn

Youtube user JJBowdenn was looking for something to do when he decided to take a shot at the famous internet trend, the #MirrorRunChallenge. His interpretation of the craze features a classic take on the illusion as he Naruto Dashes through his video. This sweet and simple take on the challenge earns him the #10 position on our list.

So who do you think deserves the #1 spot on our Top-10 list? Is there any competition for Jaze Phua? Does the Naruto Dash make you faster? Give the challenge a try for yourself. Put your own unique twist on it, and have fun doing it; maybe you’ll be the next big internet sensation.

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