20 Stunning Photos of the Biggest Pets Ever. We Can’t Believe It!

Pets can be a human’s best friend. Let’s have a look at some of the biggest pets in the world.

1.     Meet Maximus from Russia who’s just five years old! This cat is black in color and as you can see it’s gigantic!

Big cat

2.     RIP to the largest blue Great Dane who was known as Giant George – Giant refers to his size of course. He was given the title of the tallest dog by Guinness World Records.

big dog

3.     Ralph was a gigantic rabbit who weighed around 55 pounds. He was from the United Kingdom and had a life-span of 4 years. He also earned the title of world’s largest rabbit from Guinness World Records.

big rabbit


4.     I know this dog looks skinny but he was perfectly healthy. Measuring up to 1.118m in height he was quite extraordinary for a dog but Zeus did it all with grace!

bid dog


5.     Say hello to Darius, a gigantic bunny from England who is now officially the world’s largest rabbit weighing 50 pounds and measuring 4 feet, 4 inches in length!

big rabbit

6.     Stewie was a strong cat who had been battling cancer for a year. This cute and unbelievably long cat was breathtakingly beautiful!

long cat


7.     This owner doesn’t really need to carry her dog in her (lap-is she carrying it in a purse or holding it in her lap?) because it won’t even fit!

Extremely big dog

8.     This dog is super huge in size and owner and dog both seem to have a great bond with each other!

Super big dog

9.     Have a look at one of the biggest ragdoll cats who’s just mesmerizing.

Big cat


10.     Well, we love this little dance of the owner with his enormous pet rabbit. They seem to enjoy each other’s company A LOT!




11.      Nothing special. Just a selfie with a huge dog.

big dog

12.          The owner could literally sit in the lap of this cute and astounding dog!

Big dog


13.     Have a look at this beautiful big cat who’s casually hanging out with its owner.

Big cat

14.            Meet another huge cat. Her eyes be giving us those stares to scare us away!

Big cat

15.             This baby seems to be enjoying the company of her unusually big cat a lot.

Big cat


16.          Is that a dog or a lion in the shape of a dog? Can’t tell. But whichever it is, that thing is huge.

Big  dog

17.        Another fluffy animal having fun playing with her tiny owner…

Big cat

18.        This cat is fat and so big. I’m sure the owner is struggling while carrying this thing and smiling as if it’s effortless.

Big cat


19.          Meet Bandit, a raccoon from Pennsylvania who weighs 75 pounds! His unusual weight is due to a thyroid problem which has actually turned him into this cute fluffball.

Big racoon

20.      Ulric is Britain's fattest cat. He’s an obese cat famous for his cuteness!

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