Karl Lagerfeld Left Everything to His Cat. Now She’s the Richest Kitty in the World


This one’s for all you cat lovers! For everyone whose furry friend is their best bud, favorite child, and love of your life all in one, here’s a story only you can properly appreciate. You might have joked about leaving all your belongings to your cat but Karl Lagerfeld actually did it!

The German fashion designer passed away last week, and that’s when the fashion industry turned their attention to his cat. Lagerfeld’s beloved Birman cat, Choupette, is no stranger to stardom.  She has an Instagram account with nearly 300,000 followers   but she started making new headlines after the world learned that Lagerfeld left nearly all of his estate to her.

Although the decision isn’t yet official, Choupette does stand to inherit all, or at least some, of Lagerfeld’s $200-$300 million net worth. But no matter what she inherits, it won’t be the first money this kitty has made. Choupette was born in 2011 and started her modeling career one year later after being adopted by Lagerfeld in 2012. Her debut was when she starred in V Magazine with Laetitia Casta, and was so successful that it jumpstarted a book deal. Her autobiography, Choupette: The Private Life of a High Flying Fashion Cat was published in2014.


Curious about what the famous kitty had to say? According to the book’s Amazon blurb, Choupette’s memoirs offer not just the “words of wisdom she shares with her Twitter devotees, but here, for the first time, she shares her complete lifestyle guide. Humorously themed chapters cover diet, beauty, healthcare, fashion tips, secret loves and pet hates for the pampered cat, along with observations and advice from Madame Horn (her vet), and Madame Françoise (her lady’s maid). Photographs taken by Karl himself include his Sacred Cat of Burma on fashion shoots with Laetitia Casta and Linda Evangelista. The book is completed with drawings, poetry, and photographs of literary cat-lovers including Ernest Hemingway, Truman Capote, Saul Steinberg, Dorothy Parker, and Edward Gorey. This season’s most talked-about cat book is the perfect chic gift for cat lovers, the fashion-conscious, and style-aware readers.”

If you’re dying to pick up a copy now, we don’t blame you! And if you can’t get enough of Choupette-themed merch – don’t worry, there’s more to come because following Choupette’s book release in 2014, designer Shu Uemura released a cat-themed cosmetics collection in her honour, christening it “Shupette.”

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