15 Bad Situations Each Young Mom Will Go Through


You’ve probably been dreaming about getting married and having your own kids since childhood. You fantasize about what your house will look like, the kind of husband you will have, what the name of your kids will be and so on. From a young age you play with dolls pretending to be their mother and taking care of them like a baby. What your young self doesn’t know is that parenthood is a lot more than just pretend play and the moment you jump into this new phase of life is when you realize what you’ve gotten yourself into. Let’s talk about some of the situations motherhood can make you go through and how to stay sane in these situations.

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1.     Education or Motherhood

This is one of the toughest conditions you might have to face. It is okay to get married at a young age but having kids at the same time is a different story. I have seen a lot of mothers with goals and dreams to chase but fate had something else in store for them: a baby.  So if you’re planning to have a baby while you’re young make sure your education is complete and your career is all set. You don’t want to be in a situation where you have to choose between your little one or your education/career.

2.     You Will Be Clueless 

Being clueless in the beginning is normal for every typical girl and if you’re young, be mentally prepared for this scenario. Motherhood has its challenges and you might feel like you have it all figured out but if you repeatedly say phrases like “it's just a baby” and “I can totally handle it” then know this, you’re screwed. It all comes crashing down when you have a baby in your hands, food on the stove and a vacuum in the other hand. But don’t worry, with a sound mind and an open heart you can totally overcome this phase. What you can do in this situation is just focus on one thing, that you are a good mother, and you can totally do this!

3.     You Will Miss Out On a Lot of Stuff

Be it a wedding, a bridal shower, a party or a movie night, you simply won’t be able to make plans with your friends because you will be stuck with your baby at home and cannot leave even if you want to. Your friends, too, will develop an understanding that you have to do baby stuff and can barely make time for your own self let alone spending a night out with them. Looks like all you will be able to do is watch what your friends are up to on Snapchat and wish you were there, too. But as soon as you look at your baby, all the parties will sound unimportant and you will feel happy where you are. Of course, later on, you can hire a babysitter when your child grows a little and make up for those missed night outs.

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4.     Depression Will Become Your Constant Partner

What could possibly be worse than being a clueless young mom? A clueless depressed young mom! With all the baby duties, doing the chores, watching other mothers who are so good at parenting and wondering that could you do even half of that your life would be so much easier, getting an irritating lecture from someone on how you can do better and whatnot, life is hard. The list never really ends. The point is, staying constantly involved in all such activities will drain your energy and cause severe depression. It can get worse when you stay at home all day with the little one. Don’t do that. This is not only bad for you but also for the baby. Make sure you take a mini stroll to the market or the park to get some fresh air and you will see that the baby loves it too!

5.     You Might Face Issues With Your Marriage

If your husband really loves you then be prepared to cradle two babies at once. I know it sounds funny but if you’re already a mother then you know and if not, well then you probably will know. Your husband will become more sensitive and crave your attention a lot more than you think. This is the reason why some couples take up counseling soon after they become parents. But don’t worry, you can save your marriage from such situations by being there for your husband every now and then. It can be an hour when the baby is taking a nap or those 5 minutes when it's busy giggling with someone else.

6.     There Will Be Heaps Of Laundry

It can get pretty rough when you become a mom at a very young age. You will be given judgmental eye rolls thanks to the pile of laundry in the corner and those dirty dishes.  There is so much that you still have to learn and doing household work is one of the most crucial tasks. If you married young and got pregnant instantly then you should probably get more books on how to manage housework along with those newborn baby books. Trust me it will save you from a lot of effort and stress.

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7.     You’re Not The Only One Who Will Feel Like Running Away

If you’re reading this article attentively you might have realized by now how challenging motherhood can be. A baby is not just a baby, it is a full-time job, a serious responsibility. It is okay for you to feel this way but remember there is always a way out. You can reach out to a relative, say, your mom, or have your husband share half of your baby duties. In this way, you will be able to spend some quality time alone while your mind gets a chance to reboot itself.

8.     Your Body Will Change Drastically

Pushing a little human being out of your system is an adventure. Your young body needs to be strong and healthy before you go through this procedure. Even though you manage to deliver the baby safely there will be some consequences when it comes to your own body. You will find yourself standing in the mirror every now and then asking “Who is this lifeless-zombie like creature?” and “Where is my old body?” You might even cry, to be honest. What you can do at that moment is just breathe. There are many effective fitness plans designed especially for new moms which you can follow and maintain your figure so cheers to that!

9.     You Will Get Frustrated Easily

Another situation you will get yourself into once you become a young mother is lacking patience. Even the smallest things will seem large and make a negative impact on your mind. This scenario will result in extreme frustration. You won’t be able to control your emotions and will literally feel constant anxiety that will frustrate you even more. Don’t worry, just remember that this person is not you. You are just an exhausted mother and it is perfectly fine to feel this way. As long as the people around you understand, you won’t be facing a hard time. 

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10.      Goodbye Me-Time!

Laying in your comfy bed with a pint of your favorite ice cream in hand while watching your favorite show on Netflix. It sounds like a pleasant dream when the little one is crying his/her lungs out and you can’t figure out what they need. Even if you get some time alone you’re actually gonna be so tired that trading all that for dozing off instead won’t seem that much of a big deal.

11.        Weird Hormonal Changes

Hormonal changes are normal due to pregnancy and the painful delivery procedure. But for young moms as well as pregnant girls, this situation can get really bad. You’re not used to getting bumps on your face with unusual hair growth along with those cramps and swelling of your body. You can consult a doctor and take care of your body even more. Drink a lot of water, don’t stress out and take your meds on time!

12.        You Will Become Over-Sensitive

There will be times when you will feel like a relative or even your spouse is being careful of what they say around you. This is because everything they say, no matter how small, will hit you like a bullet. It is natural for mothers your age to feel this way as you’re already stressed out and the last thing you need is more stress! So you might feel bad for your loved ones as they resist talking to you about everything but don’t worry, they’re completely aware of the fact that this is a temporary phase which will soon be over.  

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13.        You Will Be Sleep-Deprived

Babies are so cute, they sleep all day and stay awake all night. Well, I’m sure this phrase sounds quite overwhelming if you’re a struggling young mom. There will be nights when the crying sessions will go on forever leaving you with dark circles and bags under your eyes. What you can do is make up for that sleep when your baby is taking a nap. Although it won’t really be enough at least it’s something, right?

14.    You Will Lose Your Spark for a While

You might feel like your life is becoming dull or boring and the excitement has completely left your life. This feeling is natural but don’t worry, you didn’t lose that spark, you’re just tired. Don’t be ashamed to ask for help from your loved ones. A night out spent with your girlfriends might be a good idea to remind yourself that this is all just temporary and the real party monster is still inside you.

15.       Mother’s Love Is the Greatest of All

The bottom line is that no matter how tired, exhausted and lifeless you may feel with the baby, their beautiful smile and the way they look when they are sleeping so peacefully will take all of that away. It is okay to become a young mother. You will be surprised that you were capable of loving a tiny human being so much and that will be enough.

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