15 Really Strange Animals People Use As Pets

We all are familiar with someone who has a cat or a dog as their pet;  it’s even possible you may even have one yourself, while others prefer having delicate animals such as turtles, birds or fish. What we’re not familiar with is that 2% of the population that is obsessed with having a unique (strange for us) pet. Have a look at these 15 examples of uncommon pets that are kept around the world. After looking at this list, next time when you’re stuck between choosing a cat or a dog as your pet, you might just choose a lizard!

1.     Bearded Dragon

These are eight species of this type of lizard and as a group of reptiles they are also known as Pogonas. You may be wondering why they have named these beauties “Bearded.” Look closely at the picture and you will see a teeny tiny beard underside its throat hence the name. What these bad guys are capable of is beyond ordinary cuteness. They will fill up their throats with air that will eventually expand their scales and make them stick out to scare enemies away. Not only this, they can even change the colour of their beard! People keep these dragons as their pets and feed them different insects, worms, or crickets and some veg-food such as dandelion leaves. If you succeed in taking care of these lizards they have a life span of up to 12 years! These lizards are friendly by nature so don’t get all jumpy with them. It is said that bearded dragons help their owners in recognizing and understanding native beasts!

Bearded Dragon as a pet


2.     Hedgehog

Ever wondered about having a hedgehog as your pet? Well, some people do this and they have great things to say about their experience. In one instance this guy was being interviewed about his unusual pet and how he manages everything with the little one. He seemed quite cool about it and told the journalist that he actually enjoys the company of his hedgehog a lot. He also told them that these creatures can prove to be awesome companions as they love being pampered and can even whistle, snuffle and purr. Just be careful of one thing though. Don’t start referring to your hedgehog as “Sonic” unless you want to spend all your time making up for the wreckage the smart guy has caused around your house!


3.     Stick Insect

Yes, you read that right. Stick Insect. You might be wondering if the pet will be as weird as the name sounds, but luckily that’s not the case. Stick insects can be mistaken for a twig unless you see it walking on your arm and scare the hell out of yourself. Its face is like that of an alien predator and is nowhere near the list of “pretty” pets. However, children of our generation seem to love this guy and enjoy having it as their pet! Stick insects need a vast area for their habitat that is filled with many plants and branches. This gives them room to roam around and if they have a companion, that is even better.

 Stick Insect as a pet

4.     Madagascar Hissing Cockroach

I know, I know. You are reading this with your hand on your mouth. Of course, cockroaches are famous for scaring people away owing to their charming beauty that makes people jump out of their seats. But let me tell you, this particular cockroach does not belong to that category. Some people love keeping these hissers from Madagascar as their pets and seem to enjoy their company too. If well taken care of, they can live for about 5 years. Owners keep these pets in a fish tank with a screen on top to stop them from sneaking around. They don’t like light so you better keep them in a dark place and oh, that hissing sound? That just comes out of the breathing holes on their tiny bodies.

 Madagascar Hissing Cockroach as a pet

5.     Llama

Apart from being kept at the farm, many people have started to adopt llamas as their beloved pets. I know what you’re thinking, where do these people come from? Llamas can actually become great pets and can be taken along anywhere you go. Some people claim that their llama pets even accompany them in their cars and to children’s parties as well. As strange as it seems, at least they are safer than having a tiger around the house although you might have heard about that llama in Ohio who killed his owner accidentally by hitting her head.

Llama as a pet


6.     Skunk

Don’t worry, skunks are not like hissing cockroaches, they are worse! The last thing any of us wants is being sprayed in the face by these mad smelly creatures. However, some people seem to have found a solution to the problem. What they do is safely get the scent glands removed from the skunks when they are newly born. What they are left with is just another cute black and white striped fellow that’s sensitive, extremely intelligent, and curious and follows them around everywhere just like a cat or dog would.

Skunk as a pet

7.     Sugar Gliders

These nocturnal creatures are from the possum family. They are playful by nature and are very social. They love learning and doing different tricks to keep their owners engaged and happy. You might be wondering why they are called “gliders”. Let me shed some light on that. You see, the front and back legs of these buddies are attached with a rubbery form of skin that enables them to glide easily through the air while they are stretching. You may be surprised to know that sugar gliders are very loyal to their owners.

Sugar Gliders as a pet

8.     Pygmy Goats

Pygmy goats have gained popularity as pets in the past few years. They are about the size of a puppy or middle-aged dog when they are fully grown. They originate in the Cameroon Valley located in West Africa. By nature, these pets are playful, friendly and extremely attractive because of their cuteness. Surprisingly over 50,000 Brits insist on getting goats as their pets! They can be very social, too, so people usually buy a pair or more and keep them in an open yet safe space. This enables them to run around and play with their fellow mates. They like eating hay, grass and leaves.

Pygmy Goats as a pet

9.     Pet Rock

Some people believe rocks to be repositories of intellect. However, Gary Dahl took the idea very seriously and started selling smooth rocks as pets in custom cardboard boxes! He did so to help his friends live with an easy (and non-living) pet.

Pet Rock

10.     Giraffe

It is almost impossible to have a giraffe wandering around your house but well, these guys have still made it thanks to a Kenyan couple who has kept not 1 but 8 real giraffes on their property! It is obvious that giraffes cannot serve their purpose as pets but according to the couple the friendly ones still manage to show up for breakfast.

Giraffe as a pet

11.    Scorpion

Recently scorpions have gained massive popularity as pets, especially Emperor Scorpions. This species is so trendy that there is a high chance of its extinction in the wild. They are not touchable but are one of those clean, quiet and easily taken care of pets. They can live up to 8 years and can grow to about 8 inches long. A fun fact: they can turn into a blue-green shade when kept under UV light!

Scorpion as a pet

12.    Hermit Crab

These guys are a mixture of a snail and lobster when it comes to their looks. People love keeping hermit crabs as their pets but also take great care of them. They neither belong to the lobster nor the crab family, hence the name. These creatures are quite friendly but need a companion or bunch of buddies to hang out with.

Hermit Crab as a pet

13.     Crocodile

I know you’re in shock in right now. But this doesn’t stop some people from having a wild pet around their house that could swallow them up in just one go. For instance there’s a woman in Melbourne who keeps 5 crocodiles in her house! They could gobble her up if she looks at them directly in the eyes but that doesn’t scare her.

Crocodile as a pet

14.       Iguana

Recently my Facebook and Instagram feed kept showing me this bizarre gigantic Iguana pet that is so attached to its owner that they literally sleep together every night and by sleeping together I mean just like anyone would with their cat or dog,  all the snuggles and the patting included.

Iguana as a pet

15.      Hippopotamus

Having hippos running around sounds bearable when done in the right way and under proper supervision. However, this doesn’t make them a safe pet as Humphrey, the hippo, mercilessly killed his owner in South Africa.

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