15 Astonishing Life hacks Guaranteed to Save You Time with Housework

Chores rarely make you jump with excitement. It’s a reality we all face in our lives. On those lazy days when you feel like spending all day in bed rather than cleaning your house, you need something quick and convenient to finish the job. There are several ways to make everyday maintenance and cleaning less of a headache by finding easy life hacks. You can convert the simplest household items into top-notch, effective cleaning supplies. We have composed a list that will solve all your housework problems and make your life easier.

1.     Use Baking Soda to Clean Your Sofa

Get that little guy out of your cabinet and put him to work! Cleaning a sofa with baking soda is a tried and tested life hack and has proved to be effective every time. Often you have invested a great amount of cash in a sofa set which you dearly like but with time it got filthy. Fear not, you don’t have to say goodbye yet. Follow this simple life hack to save your sofa. First, wipe your couch with a clean, dry cloth and sprinkle baking soda all over it. Let it rest for about 20 minutes then vacuum the soda with a brush attachment. You will be surprised to see the results as your couch will look brand new!


2.     Having Trouble Cleaning That Cutting Board? Kosher Salt and Lemon to the Rescue!

The cutting board is a useful item but it can make you go ew! if not cleaned regularly. The frequent cutting of chicken, vegetables, meat and fruits can make dirt particles stick to the board in places that are hard to reach. But don’t worry, with just these two simple items you can easily be found in your home, you can clean it thoroughly. Sprinkle some kosher salt on your cutting board and cut a lemon in half. Make sure you cover the whole board with salt and use the lemon to clean it, wiping all over and in each and every corner.

Cutting Board

3.     Got Paint Stuck on Your Clothes? Use a Razor!

Often we find ourselves cleaning annoying paint chunks from our clothes for hours and hours. What if said you could clean those stubborn stains with just a razor? All you have to do is keep brushing the razor on the place where you got paint and voila, all shall be good again! This technique can also be used on socks, caps, jeans and almost every type of clothing material to get rid of dried paint.



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