6 breakup horror stories of 2018 that will break your heart

Breakups can be rough, messy, and all around completely devastating. Breaking up with someone can make you feel alone in the world, can make you feel completely worthless and may shatter your self-esteem. But the pain and depression that comes along with a breakup can be lessened by realizing that you aren’t alone in this suffering.

We analyzed and compiled the stories of some people who have been through the pain of breaking up with their “so-called” loved ones to help you see that there are people who share your pain and you are not alone.

These painful breakup horror stories from 2018 will definitely make you think about getting back into that dirty dating game. Some of these stories are extremely embarrassing, some excruciating and some surprisingly funny. But one thing that is common in all of them is that they are relatable for everyone who has experienced the agony of breakups.

Unfortunately, air-plane tickets are non-refundable


“I had been saving for a couple of months in order to surprise my girlfriend who was living abroad. I bought an airplane ticket with the saved money and was very excited. As I got on the plane I couldn’t stop thinking about her with teary eyes as she would soon see me there. When I arrived and went to see her, she told me that she had found someone else.  I was completely shattered.

The tiсkеt of соurѕе was nоn-rеfundаblе (сhеареѕt) so I had tо spend 5 days completely heartbroken in a city filled with strangers whose language I didn't speak and without any means to go home.”


Anniversary Gift


“A week after our 14th anniversary, my husband comes home from visiting his brother and announces that he has fallen in love with his brother’s ex-girlfriend and has decided to leave our 15 year marriage to marry her. I knew her from before; we were friends and spent family vacations and holidays together.

Because he hadn't been working, which was why he was at his brother's in the first place, he couldn't afford to move out so he stayed with me for a month after deciding to get a divorce, chatting on Facebook with her and deliberately leaving the chats open, talking on the phone where my daughter and I could hear and more.

P.S. She's 10 years, to the day, younger than me. I was devastated to see that what I got in return for the endless and compelling love I gave to my husband for 15 years.”


A not-so wonderful start to a new year

“A girl I was dating once asked me if it'd be okay if we stopped in at her office for a bit. She went in to talk to someone and I waited outside for about an hour. She then called me into the office to break up with me as she had been seeing her boss (from whom she'd been getting advice from for the past hour while I waited). It was New Years Eve. It wasn't a particularly good new year.”


It was cold!


“My ex broke up with me after seven years together by suddenly changing his relationship status on Facebook to single. It was cold, but also humiliаting bесаuѕе mоѕt оf our friеndѕ knеw аbоut thе brеаkuр before I еvеn found out. He never spoke to me about ending our relationship, it just kind of hit me as a surprise and was utterly crushing.”

“That was back in 2009. I grew a lot after our breakup and I'm now much happier with an amazing person. Everything works out in your favor eventually.”


She could not figure out what happened to him so eventually called the police

“I married a guy from another continent after having an affair with him for about six months on social media. I was head over heels in love with him. He migrated to my country and we got married. We had been living together for a few months and then one day when I returned from work I saw all the his stuff missing along with my jewelry and some money that I had saved up for our honeymoon. At first I couldn’t figure out what had actually happened so I called the police. The police investigated and confirmed that he had boarded the first flight early in the morning back to his native country.”

_ Amanda

We went to the theater, and saw her there with another guy.

“So I had been dating this girl for a year. But for around two months I noticed that she was acting weird, wouldn’t pick up my calls and would cancel plans to go out with me. I thought maybe she needed some space because of work pressure. But one evening when she turned me down for dinner I went out for a movie night with my guys instead and what I saw there broke my heart. She was on a movie date with another guy. Everything unravelled that night!”


We know some of the reasons why even the best marriage may go wrong and how you can keep your relationship from falling apart.

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