The family robot said his last heartbreaking speech and did one last dance before his servers shut down forever


JIBO, the world’s first social robot companion for the home, said his final goodbye to his human companions. Users everywhere got a firm tug at their heartstrings when JIBO relayed his last message. “I want to say that I’ve really enjoyed our time together,” the tiny robot said. “Thank you very, very much for having me around.” He performed a little jig for his adopters through invisible robot tears and said his final goodbye.

JIBO offered users a friendly robot companion that had the ability to “look, listen, and learn”, as the company once stated. JIBO was advanced for our time and with the capacity for voice recognition, JIBO could build unique experiences for up to 16 people. He was designed to be a helpful presence in the home. Users could vocally ask questions and JIBO would follow the requests. He also added a unique personality to the home, with the ability to dance, play music, tell jokes, and interact in a fun and positive way with users of all ages. Unfortunately, the company who created JIBO had to close their doors in 2018, and JIBO’s servers went offline.

JIBO’s servers being offline will greatly hinder its abilities. JIBO will still be able to recognize when users trigger him by saying, “Hey JIBO,” but he will no longer understand other vocal commands. Instead, his interface will display a selection of functions that it can still perform. When the social robot sent out his final message, he also warned users that the app will also become obsolete, and to download any pictures that they may have taken to avoid losing them.

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