Top-10 Movie Remakes in 2019 You should watch in Cinema

Calling all movie lovers out there, get ready to jump on a ride to Disneyland and grab the chance to meet your favorite comic/fictional characters. How? 2019 has promised to provide you with an opportunity to re-live your childhood memories by re-making the old classics, all set to tickle you with joy and happiness. So without any further ado, let’s have a look at what this year has in store for you in terms of entertainment and fun:

1.    Dumbo

Dumbo film

A baby elephant whose plans to save the circus with his friends, Dumbo is set to release in the month of March and take you on a flight above the clouds, using his oversized ears to fly. This re-make starring Eva Green, Collin Farrel, Michael Keaton, and Dany DeVito revolves around Dumbo trying to rescue a struggling circus along with his friends but they soon discover the dark secrets lying beneath the masked façade.

2.    The Lion King Movie

The Lion King Movie

A childhood classic, The Lion King has remained the best-animated movie for any generation to date. A story of love, family, and a fight for the thrown, you’ll get to be a part of Simba (voiced by Donald Grover) and Mufasa’s (voiced by Earl Jones) journey yet again! We know July is too far away!

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