This Neural Network Allows You to Create Your Own Creepy Character. Don’t Get Carried Away, You Won’t Be Able To Sleep At Night!

Have you ever wanted to recreate an image straight from your nightmares? Now you can! With Ganbreeder, you can create odd and intriguing pictures by selecting the images that are most interesting to you. Then, share your work with people everywhere with the built-in sharing tool, or download and share on your own!

Afghan hound + gorilla

Ganbreeder is a neural network that uses breeding of images and sharing as methods of exploring highly complex spaces Joel Simon, a Carnegie Mellon graduate who worked in bioinformatics at Rockefeller University in New York City up until 2018, brought Ganbreeder into existence. Simon aspires to create an intersection of computer science with biology and artistic design, and has based his program, Ganbreeder, off of that. “Ganbreeder is very similar to, and named after, [a program called] Picbreeder,” Simon states. “It is also based off of an earlier project of mine, ‘Facebook Graffiti’, which demonstrated the creative capacity of crowds.”

Owl + cheeseburger

Ganbreeder works by combining images selected by the user to create a new and peculiar “child” image. It takes the act of exploration and turns it into a work of art. Thousands of users have tried their hand at creating a masterpiece, and all of those masterpieces can be shared via the built-in network Ganbreeder has.

Creativity is driven by collaboration, and Ganbreeder delivers. Any of those images that are shared are available for use, or they can be edited or mixed with another image to create a new work. Simon’s Ganbreeder program brings this to a new level by being a single pinnacle for sharing and creation.

Lemon + dog

Looking for inspiration on your next project? Ganbreeder can help with that! Users can merge images of their choosing to create something new and different, and can, in turn, use that to generate ideas for a new project.

Simon’s partners have taken Ganbreeder technology even further. A man by the name of Alexander Reben, an artist and roboticist, merged the photo-generative technology of Ganbreeder with body sensors to create AMALGAN, a program that connects the user to the image they are generating; it measures the brainwaves of the user to select the optimal image. Reben uses this software to expose the human nature in the machine, using concepts such as artificial philosophy and technological magic to create pieces that create a confrontational message. Here are some examples of his work, all credit to Alexander Reben.

Goose + yawl

Users can also have their pieces printed, thanks to Danielle Baskin, the creator of Ganvas Studio, a company that produces user-made pieces in a painting so people can display their artwork in their home.

Whether you’re working on a new project, sending a social message, or just looking to have some fun, Ganbreeder offers users an all-in-one experience to make something completely original to share with a community of others who enjoy the same artistic passion. Give Ganbreeder a try for yourself!


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