No one von in Powerball in latest drawing and it grows to $625 million 

Powerball Jackpot

No one von in Powerball on Wednesday night's drawing and now someone has a chance at bigger jackpot – next drawing will be Saturday, says CNN. So, this time there is no Powerball winner numbers.

The previous jackpot was $550 million but now Powerball says there will be a $625 million up for grabs. It will be the fourth largest Powerball in history and the seventh largest in United States lottery history, says the Multi-State Lottery Association.

As it said  on Powerball's website, if you were to stack the jackpot in $100 bills, it would reach a height between that of One World Trade Center in New York City and Burj Khalifa in Dubai

But stay cool in mind ­– your odds of winning the super prize are 1 in 292,201,338