TOP-10 Male Models on Instagram That Are More Than Just Their Looks

3. Tyson Beckford

           American model Tyson Beckford, 49, has also been described by many as the most successful male supermodel of all time. He currently has nearly 600k followers on Instagram. He is most famous for his work for Ralph Lauren and Vogue. He also starred in a Bravo TV show called Make Me a Supermodel. However, Beckford has definitely been through some hard times. In 2005, he suffered serious injuries following a New Jersey car crash. Beckford lost control of his car which caught on fire after he hit a telephone pole, sending the model to the hospital for head trauma. The actor claims that the incident spurred on his personal faith journey.


4. Noah Mills

            Canadian-born model Noah Mills, 35, got started modelling when he was in college. He made his runway debut as a model for Gucci and Saint Laurent, two world-renowned brands. He later signed with brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, and Michael Kors. The fun thing about Noah? He is also a famous actor! He has appeared in several classic films and TV shows, including Sex and the City 2, 2 Broke Girls, and (as seems to be a trend) Taylor Swift’s music video for her song “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”. He also wrote and co-produced a short film called “WRACKED,” for which he won the best actor in 2013 at the Golden Egg Film Festival. He currently has 112k Instagram followers.


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