What Should You Keep In Mind Before Starting Your Keto Diet?

The Ketosis diet, better known as The Keto Diet, is a high fat, low carb diet plan. If you’re wondering what Ketosis is, it is when the body has ketones in the blood, usually more than 0.5mmol/L, producing a natural metabolic state. Therefore, the purpose of Keto diet is to move your body into ketosis by consuming foods high in fat, with sufficient protein and low-carbs. It will surprise you to know that this diet can fight against cancer, diabetes and many other health diseases. Although the keto diet is insanely popular and almost every other celebrity is following it, for beginners it can be tough to find all the valid and true facts. You need to take proper steps and for this reason, we have compiled a list that will tell you what to keep in mind before starting your Keto diet, so let’s begin!

1. Make a List of the Foods You Will Eat and Avoid On the Keto Diet

Starting a Keto diet means including more fat and less or no carbs in your diet. It can be uncomfortable at first but everything is, right? Make sure you know the foods you are going to eat in your diet. If you open up a list of fatty foods, you will see numerous options available including cheese, oil (which means fried good stuff!), coconut oil, whole eggs (made in any way), nuts, extra virgin olive oil and a lot more. The list is literally never-ending. On the other hand, you have to avoid rice, bread, cookies, candy, pasta and basically everything that is made with white flour. There are also a few fruits and vegetables that are filled with carbs such as beans, avocados, cucumbers, etc. Although this may limit your preferred food intake it will be for your own good so what’s the big deal? Make sure you write down a list of these foods to remind yourself of what you can and cannot include in your Keto diet.

2. Start Adding Keto to Your Regular Diet Little by Little

Some people are terrified of fat assuming it will kill them. That’s just not true. In order to prepare for a high-fat diet, it is recommended you add small amounts of fat to your regular everyday meals. For instance, you could make lettuce rolls filled with chicken and cheese or order a big size, loaded French fries box instead of eating rice. You can get used to it in another way by adding more oil to your food; experimenting with different kinds of oil can be fun! You can also grill boneless chicken breasts with heaps of butter and a side of potato wedges. Start adding carbs to your diet slowly so that your body gets used to it when you start a full-on Keto diet.

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