The Top 15 Most Beautiful Cats in the World

They are cute, they are fluffy and they are super adorable. Over the past few years cats have surely become the most favorite pet of people all around the world. Leaving dogs behind, these hairy felines have scored high in the contest of being tagged as the prettiest and most beautiful pets in the world and ruling social media with their innocent looks.

Therefore, here is a list of the top 15 most beautiful felines in the world, who are definitely the most gorgeous in the truest sense. The cats listed below have been ruling the internet lately, making most of them more famous and popular than many Hollywood celebrities.

1. Thor, the Bengal Cat


As the name suggests, Thor is a very strong and special cat covered in tiger patterned fur, making him unique in every way.
Adorable and playful, this cute little kitten has his own Instagram account filled with enticing images and is followed by thousands around the globe.

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