The Top 15 Most Beautiful Cats in the World

They are cute, they are fluffy and they are super adorable. Over the past few years cats have surely become the most favorite pet of people all around the world. Leaving dogs behind, these hairy felines have scored high in the contest of being tagged as the prettiest and most beautiful pets in the world and ruling social media with their innocent looks.

Therefore, here is a list of the top 15 most beautiful felines in the world, who are definitely the most gorgeous in the truest sense. The cats listed below have been ruling the internet lately, making most of them more famous and popular than many Hollywood celebrities.

1. Thor, the Bengal Cat

As the name suggests, Thor is a very strong and special cat covered in tiger patterned fur, making him unique in every way. Adorable and playful, this cute little kitten has his own Instagram account filled with enticing images and is followed by thousands around the globe.

Thor, the Bengal Cat


2. Coby, the Cat with Enchanting Eyes

We bet even Adele can’t apply winged eyeliner as well as Coby does. This white beauty has big, blue eyes, which speak highly of his personality. He is a fluffy yet extremely gorgeous cat with an Instagram account with 1 million followers and a Facebook page filled with 300,000 fans. A face as cute as his is definitely hard to resist.

Coby, the Cat with Enchanting Eyes

3.  Unique Eyed Twin Cats

With their uncommon genetic condition, Iriss and Abyss have quickly gained popularity on the internet. Their pearl white coat and glistening, colourful eyes have earned them fame around the world. Look at their differently colored eyes caused by a condition called Heterochromia Iridium, and say you’re not mesmerized. These fabulous little creatures will make you fall in love with their uniqueness.

Unique Eyed Twin Cats

4.  Smoothie, the Photogenic Cat

There are few people in the world the camera loves capturing. You might have complained about clicking some ugly pictures, but we bet no one can take better pictures than Smoothie.

Smoothie, the Photogenic Cat

5. Venus, the Mystique Cat

Presenting a personality full of mystery and fun, Venus was born with a rare genetic disorder, which gave her double shaded fur. Log in to her Instagram account and you will be amazed to see her black and brown coat, making her a true star. She is pretty in every inch of it and quickly gained love by people everywhere.

Venus, the Mystique Cat

6. Princess Aurora

This resplendent feline loves being dressed up like a princess by her owners. With unlimited tiaras and crowns to her name, Princess Aurora is a royalty for sure!

Princess Aurora

7.  The Horned Kitty

Born different, this kitty has horn-shaped ears, which make her a popular star on the internet these days.

The Horned Kitty

8.  Kitten with the World in her Eyes

Do not believe it until you see. This kitten has gained popularity because of her unique eyes. Look closely and you will see the universe hidden inside. Now that is something Ah-mazing!

Kitten with the World in her Eyes

9.  The Maine Moon Cat-Your Highness

They are big and majestic and found in various colors. The Maine Moon cat can be seen elegantly posing for the camera. It is amazingly covered in a heavy coat of long hair which makes His Highness loved by all!

The Maine Moon Cat-Your Highness

10.  Mimi, the Ragdoll Cat

Soft to the touch with a muscular body, Ragdoll cats are known for their big blue eyes. And yes, Mimi is one pretty feline to be adored!

Mimi, the Ragdoll Cat

11.  The Peculiar Shorthair

With a long, fluffy tail with well, trimmed short hair, this feline has an innocent face that will melt your heart away! The lush white coat and a tail marked with brown strips, these colors simply add to its charm and beauty.

The Peculiar Shorthair

12.  The Captivating Gaze

Look into her eyes and we promise, you will fall in love with her in the blink of an eye. Her powerful gaze is hard to miss so this one look has increased her popularity around the world.

The Captivating Gaze

13.  Scottish Fold Boy Muta

Folded ears and round, black eyes distinguish this cat from all others. The depth in this Scottishfold Boy Muta’s eyes will make you fall in love with him over and over again. But do not be fooled by his innocence as this little feline can be the naughtiest of all!

Scottish Fold Boy Muta

14.  Toyger

Often mistaken for a tiger toy, this spectacularly patterned kitten is ruling the internet with its cuteness. It may be a small cat, all fluffy and cute, but sure is as powerful as a tiger on the inside.


15.  The Little Caracal

Small in physique with pointed ears, the Caracal is super playful and fun to be around. This kitten is covered in a long, lush coat of brown hair paired up with deep blue eyes, hooking you into its beauty at the very first sight.

The Little Caracal

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