Top 10 Makeup Tips That Will Save You a Lot of Time and Effort

Getting ready can be a nasty piece of work when you have very little time. It takes years to figure out the shape of your face, what colors suit you and how to apply them in a way that looks natural and beautiful. If we keep talking about the numerous ways that could enhance your beauty with makeup in a subtle way, it might take forever to finish because the makeup industry has revolutionized techniques in the past decade. Every other day a YouTube makeup artist shoots another new technique that takes the whole Instagram MUA’S by storm and they try that skill in their own unique ways.

The point is, why waste an hour doing something that can be done in just 5 minutes? Here are some of the most tried and tested makeup tips that will save you from that struggle.

1. Use a Plastic Spoon for Applying Mascara

You can use a plastic spoon when applying mascara on your lower and upper lashes. Doing so will shield your skin from mascara smudges and you will end up with a beautiful thick coat. All you have to do is hold the spoon as if it’s hugging your skin and let the mascara wand do its magic. When you remove the spoon you will see that the extra product has transferred to the spoon instead of your skin and what you’re left with is smudge-less mascara!

2. Use the Right Technique to Apply Blush

Learning the shape of your face can help you determine the exact point where you should apply your blush rather than spreading it on your whole face. Blush not only ads a pop of color to your cheeks but also helps in defining your cheekbones so make sure you know the shape of your face to get this one right.

applying blush

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