What Are the Makeup Trends of 2019 and Why Are Girls Going Crazy Over Them?

It’s April already and 2019 has a lot in store for the makeup lovers out there who want to try all the latest trends. Getting way ahead of the makeup game is the goal of every other girl or boy and we can understand why. The beauty industry has developed phenomenally in the past decade and thanks to MUA’s of Instagram we have a lot to catch up on. But don’t worry, you are not falling behind, you just need to get updated. 2018 is over girl, say goodbye and jump into 2019 as you welcome everything it brings along with it including the must-try makeup trends. Whether it’s your eyeshadow, your brows, you hair or just bold lips, here’s everything you need to know.

1. Bold Is Beautiful

It’s time to say goodbye to your nude palette and embrace those vibrant colors. In 2019, neon is what everyone’s talking about. Regardless of the occasion and even if your dress sucks, neon eye shadows will save your reputation as it is the most glammed up makeup trend that everyone, including celebrities, is following.

Bold Is Beautiful

2. Go with the Glow

While 2018 was loaded with natural and beautiful-from-within skin, that trend is staying for 2019 as well. In fact, unlike glowy skin, where you apply minimal makeup and a thin layer of foundation to let your real color peek through, there is an advanced trend known as Dumpling Skin that everyone is going crazy over. The only difference is that Dumpling Skin involves more makeup than the regular glowy, no makeup, natural skin.

Go with the Glow

3. Make Your Brow Game Strong

Strong and full eyebrows never go out of style. I repeat, NEVER. Gone are the days of a pointed arch and thin, almost-impossible-to-see brows. In 2019, you need to up your brow game and start showcasing fuller brows that look more natural. Brows are something that need to be taken care of first and foremost while doing makeup. If you don’t have your brows right, forget making a good impression with the rest of your eye makeup.


4. Glitter, Glitter Everywhere

Glitter is back from the ’80s in a more stylish yet messy-but-cool looking way. If you are a glitter lover then be prepared for this much anticipated makeup trend of 2019. You can apply glitter anywhere: your eyes, your lips, your cheeks! This trend is considered to be holographic as it provides an effortless way to shine bright in the crowd.

Glitter, Glitter Everywhere


5. Hello Pastel Tones!

Ready for spring and summer? Add pastel tones to your must-have list because you are going to see a lot of them when the time comes. You can use colors like pale pink, minty green or light blue and jazz them up with a graphic eyeliner to complete the look.

6. Make Lip Tint Your Best Friend

Lip tints made remarkable progress in 2018 and this trend is here to stay. Looking for a subtle yet cute touch of pink to your lips? Apply lip tint! Having one in your handbag at all times is highly recommended because you never know when you’re gonna need that color refresher on your face, especially your lips and cheeks!

Make Lip Tint Your Best Friend

7. Powder Nails

Acrylic nails, you played your part in 2018, now move over. It’s time for Powder Dip Nails to rule all of 2019. You will see it a lot. Actually all of the makeup artists, YouTube icons and celebrities are following this trend to glam up their nails. The good part is that powder nails are safe and can last for about a month which means no manicure during that time!

Powder Nails



8. Glossy Lips

2019 is definitely a year full of luminous makeup trends and that includes lip gloss. Get used to seeing metallic, glossy and shiny lips all year long. You should try them out too! There’s a reason why this trend is so exciting but you won’t be able to find out unless you try.

Glossy Lips

9. Grey Hair

It might sound strange to you but grey hair is a thing now and that’s good. Although it usually reminds you of old-age, confident and beautiful people are not afraid to try this color. If you open up Pinterest and search “grey hair” you will be shocked at the results and actually feel like trying it too!

Grey Hair

10. Just Be Yourself

Following the latest trends and staying up-to-date with fashion styles is something everyone can do. What matters most is not getting so involved with makeup that you forget what you actually look like. Fashion moves with you but you create trends. So make sure to keep experimenting with different looks with confidence because that’s what everyone’s doing and loving these days. You never know what trend you just might start!


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