What Are the Makeup Trends of 2019 and Why Are Girls Going Crazy Over Them?

It’s April already and 2019 has a lot in store for the makeup lovers out there who want to try all the latest trends. Getting way ahead of the makeup game is the goal of every other girl or boy and we can understand why. The beauty industry has developed phenomenally in the past decade and thanks to MUA’s of Instagram we have a lot to catch up on. But don’t worry, you are not falling behind, you just need to get updated. 2018 is over girl, say goodbye and jump into 2019 as you welcome everything it brings along with it including the must-try makeup trends. Whether it’s your eyeshadow, your brows, you hair or just bold lips, here’s everything you need to know.

1. Bold Is Beautiful

It’s time to say goodbye to your nude palette and embrace those vibrant colors. In 2019, neon is what everyone’s talking about. Regardless of the occasion and even if your dress sucks, neon eye shadows will save your reputation as it is the most glammed up makeup trend that everyone, including celebrities, is following.

Bold Is Beautiful

2. Go with the Glow

While 2018 was loaded with natural and beautiful-from-within skin, that trend is staying for 2019 as well. In fact, unlike glowy skin, where you apply minimal makeup and a thin layer of foundation to let your real color peek through, there is an advanced trend known as Dumpling Skin that everyone is going crazy over. The only difference is that Dumpling Skin involves more makeup than the regular glowy, no makeup, natural skin.

Go with the Glow

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