How did he get there? Look at this curious cat saved from a rat trap

Cat in rat trap

Luck never strikes twice and in the case of this cat that was found trapped inside a rat-catching device, it’s true.

Curiosity was sure to kill this cat who squirmed its way into the opening of a commercial anti-vermin device, a trap used to catch rats. How long it was stuck is still unknown but when rescued, the cat was reported to be dehydrated. The team at RSPCA released pictures of the accident today where the feline can be seen with its head trapped inside the vermin device while on the hunt for food.

The incident took place near Langstone’s Premier Inn in Newport. Luckily, a passerby spotted the stuck cat and rang up the animal welfare society so that the scared and cornered cat could be rescued quickly.

Rescuers rushed to the scene and took the cat to a nearby vet to remove the device. Because the opening was small, the animal was unable to reach the bait inside which saved it from being poisoned.

Cat in rat trap

“The RSPCA works 24/7 for animals in need and I was pleased to be able to rush to the scene in Langstone in the early hours of the morning, and ensure this cat was safely and securely freed from this device,” Inspector Sophie Daniels of the RSPCA said today. “The poor cat's head was completely wedged in this commercial rat box.”

Apart from being scared and dehydrated, the male cat was rescued without any injuries. Because it carried no microchip, the rescuers are waiting for its owners to come forward before further action is taken.

“We would love to reunite this cat with its owner but there was no microchip.” Daniels said.

"Anyone in the area with information about a missing black, male, neutered cat is requested to contact our inspectorate appeal line on 0300 123 8018, so that we can confidently get this curious cat home.”

Cat in rat trap

The RSPCA has released both the pictures and contact number in an attempt to reunite the feline with its owner or be given away to a pet shelter for better care.

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