Google Breaks into the World of Video Gaming

Stadia Google

Google, the world’s most famous search engine, has been known for even more in recent times. From artificial intelligence software in the Google Home, cell phones and data plans, computers, and more- Google is making great headway into the personal technology industry. What the corporation hasn’t gotten a handle on is video gaming platforms...until now.

With the large-scale competitors in the gaming  like Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony, Google had to find an innovative way to bring the attention of the gamer-audience to them by asking the question “What hasn’t been done before?” They eventually arrived at a video game streaming service that operates similar to the TV/movie streaming services we all know and love, Netflix and Hulu. The idea was inspired by these popular streaming services, and likely included concepts from the video game rental service, Gamefly, where users can pick their games from an online database and have them shipped to their doorstep. The streaming service project was publicly announced in March 2019 and named, “Project Stream”. Selected users were able to test the beta version of this service, and overall it received awesome reviews.

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