10 Stories About Human Kindness That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity Again

Our planet is filled with both good and bad people. The universe works in a way where goodness can eliminate hate and take away sadness. The process would go on and on if every person believed in lifting each other up instead of spreading hate and anger. Among all these people, there are those who always look at the bright side of life and do their part in making the world a good place to live.

We have gathered some of these encounters where a kind person went out of their way and made someone’s life better.


1. The Man At The Grocery Store

I was at the grocery store and the clerk was punching the items in my basket when I was short $12. It was an embarrassing situation so I started removing items from my bags. Then another shopper came up and offered me a $20 bill. When I told him not to put himself out, I was amazed by how kind a person could be. He told me that his mother was fighting cancer and was admitted to the hospital. He takes flowers to her every day so his mother scolded him for wasting the money on flowers and told him to do something better with this money. So he offered me that $20 bill and said “please accept this, it is my mother’s flowers.”

– Leslie Wagner, Arkansas.



2.     An Angel For The Family

When my mother was going through the process of divorce, she was worried sick about the new circumstances that were about to enter our lives: there was no income, bills piled up and we couldn’t even think of affording groceries. It was a time of depression but one day someone started placing a box full of food in front of our door every morning. This kept going for a long time until my mother was able to find a stable job. We never found out who this angel was but whoever it was, it was something we really needed at that time and for that, I will be eternally grateful.

– Jamie Boleyn, Idaho



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