5 Fun Things We Love About the 80’s


You might not have been around to actually see the 80’s, but if you’re like me, you’ve heard loads of funky stories from your parents. Well, we’ve heard them too and those stories are one of many reasons we love the 80’s! We even think it’s time to bring back a few of the trends. Not convinced? Just check out our groovy list. 

1. The Moves

Think you can bust some moves at your prom? Think again! Wacky but beautifully choreographed dance ensembles and flash mobs were all the rage in the 80’s, and they don’t get cooler than this: the dance performed at the Crystal Light National Aerobic Championship. Check out this actual old-school footage and see if you can recreate some of the moves!

2. The Music

"Ladies and gentlemen, rock and roll!” John Lack said these words at America’s first-ever MTV awards, and the national obsession with rock and roll didn’t just kick off a new kind of award show-- it heralded a whole new era of popularized music. Rock and roll might have been a bit weird before, but it really took off in the 80’s, boosted by its newfound fame through music television. That’s right-- for every music video you binge today, giving you access to the coolest celeb looks and dances, you can thank the 80’s! (Fun fact: you can easily pinpoint the death of radio when you know that the first music video aired on MTV was the Buggles' hit titled "Video Killed the Radio Star!”) 

3. The Fashion


You think we have some wild trends now? Take a look at your mom’s high-school yearbook! Chances are, like most children of the 80’s, your mom probably had hair big enough to sail a boat through, just like the cool cats in these pics! “Go big or go home” seems to be the motto of the 80’s, because it didn’t matter if people wore their hair in big curls, big bows, with big bangs, or big feathers- everything was big and bold. 


But although 80’s hair might not be your thing, we’re betting you won’t object to some of the other fashion choices. Chances are, you’ve either worn some of these things yourself at one time, or it’s currently your signature style! That’s right-- we’re talking bright neon colors, ripped jeans, and shirts with lots of lace and frills. What’s not to love?


4. The Fads


Today, the big thing might be fidget spinners or selfie sticks, but the 80s had their own wacky fads! Check out a few of these and see if you remember them.  

● Koosh Balls


These funky little squeeze-toys are definitely one 80s trend that needs to come back! Soft little rubber balls that were lots of fun to throw, koosh balls were collectable and came in a wide variety of colors, making them one of the top playground toys of the 80s. (My favorite is the rainbow!) Who wouldn’t want one of these to squeeze when you’re stressed? 

● Car surfing


Maybe you’ve never actually done it, but we’ve all seen these iconic moments in 80s-themed movies and TV shows. Although it’s super dangerous-- kids, don’t try this at home, or on the road, for that matter!-- chances are, most children of the 80s remember trying to stand on a friend’s car while their friend drove it, holding their arms out and trying to look like they were so cool, like they were surfing!

5. The Lingo


People use so many wacky words today that we often think it’s crazy! (Remember when “selfie” and YOLO were added to the dictionary as actual words??) But that didn’t start with millennials! In the 80’s, people came up with their own totally unique slang, inventing words that are still in common use to this day. So, the next time you feel “rad” or “retro” for using older slang, you can thank your parents’ generation- they, like, totally invented it! (Fun fact: that kind of speech originated in the 80’s, as people wanted to sound more chill and relaxed by adding positive words like “totally” to their speech and decreasing the seriousness with filler words such as “like.”) That’s totally still a thing today! And the same goes for other favorite words like “skanky,” “geek,” and “rad!”