20 Bizarre Vintage Christmas Cards from the 19th Century

Whether paranoid, flamboyant or miserly, the bizarre vintage Christmas card lovers put modern-day aesthetic cards to shame. Although we all might be weird in a way, those people that are fond of extremely bizarre, vintage Christmas cards from the past, go straight past the normal levels of unusualness and right into the highest ranks of being epically bizarre and ranking them among the weirdest people of the past. 

These cards may seem random, but they speak a lot about the relevant topics of that era. From the big-tongue-Krampus to the frogs stabbing one another, we’ve compiled some of the strangest and most unusual Christmas cards from the past. Have a look at them and decide if you would like to be receiving one in your mailbox.


1. As the card depicts, may this holiday season bring you an immense amount of love and joy.


2. Wishing you a lovely and a jolly Christmas.


3. May god’s blessings be upon you this Christmas.


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