15 Then and Now Pictures Showing How the World Has Changed

We live in a world of constant change. Nothing we do, say or act upon is permanent; things keep moving and changing either for the good or in some cases, for the worse. The people who have mastered the art of moving with the fast pace of the world have a better way of dealing with what’s going on around them. Then there are those who are stuck in the “major throwback” mode and only remember their childhood and how beautiful it used to be. Some people value their past and specifically their childhood because the way people are living today was totally out of the question back in the 90s. Have a look at some of the major changes that have taken place in our world.

1. The Television Has Become Flatter and the Tummy Fatter

In olden days, families used to enjoy a warm summer evening sitting in front of the television while they waited for their favorite show to begin. People were more active then but now times have changed. The size of televisions is shrinking and the size of tummies is increasing day by day as the era of laziness has taken over the world.


2. Lack of Respect

People have totally lost the concept of respect – even for the people who really deserve it. Nowadays, everybody is running in their own race without caring about the rest of their surroundings.


3. Children Tend To Stay Indoors Most of the Time

Children are the most affected in this era of technology. Back in the day, it was literally a difficult task for parents to keep their children indoor but today, parents struggle to get their children out of their room!


4. Smartphone Cameras Have Changed the Game

Gone are the days when people would enjoy a great day at the beach taking landscape pictures of the beautiful sea then waited for the pictures to develop so that they could have a look at them.


5. No More Playing Video Games “Together”

Back in the day boys used to regularly get together to play video games all day in each other’s houses. Today, just a call or text is enough.


6. Being Grounded Is a Blessing!

Nowadays kids can’t wait to get grounded because they prefer staying indoors anyway! Parents might need to rethink their grounding strategy and go the other way.


7. Too Much Fragility

Nothing can beat Nokia’s iconic set that was literally unbreakable! Today, we have to worry about dropping our smartphones on the floor because the screen will break.


8. Working Out Is Only For The Selfie!

Selfies are the new trend of this decade and it’s not slowing down. People like to show off everything they do on social media, without it their daily lives are not complete.


9. What Removable Storage Really Looked Like Back Then

The concept of small USB cables was nowhere near those gigantic memory storage units that were very expensive and huge in size! Now, the same function can fit in a small chip that carries all your important data.


10. More Facilities for Stalkers…

Stalkers are the ones who are getting the most benefit from the latest technology. Facebook, Twitter and other social media apps have made the process of finding and stalking people easier.


11. Quality Reading Is Replaced By Smart Devices

Only a minority of people really like reading books and newspapers nowadays. People prefer checking their smartphones and other devices for the latest updates and that seems enough for them.


12. What the Playground Looks Like Now

Playgrounds are mostly empty because children are more fascinated by the idea of playing virtually with their “online” friends (who could be bots) rather than playing with their actual real friends.


13. Music For the Face!  

Back in the day, teens used to carry around a Walkman with headphones in their ears and seem all cool. But today, the size of the headphones has increased and the size of the music player has actually shrunk to pocket size.


14. Here We Go Again With Smartphones

Calling someone used to be all the rage in olden days but now teenagers and even adults prefer texting each other rather than having a real conversation on the phone.


15. Birthdays = Notifications!

People are so excited about birthdays for the notifications they receive from online friends that they are forgetting presents and celebrating with their family. 


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