Bloggers Make Low-Budget Trailers of Famous TV Series! (Check Out What Happens)


What do you do to show your love for your favorite TV show? Most people just binge every episode. In some cases of super-fans, people might write fanfiction inspired by the show. But if you’re really into a show, like these Game of Thrones fans are, sometimes you remake the show’s trailer yourself. Whether you’re anticipating seeing a show for the first time or you’re an avid fan looking forward to a new season, trailers are what get you excited. They depict the highlights of the show and tease new twists that we’re dying to see. 

And as you might imagine, promoting a movie or television series is a pretty high-budget endeavor. In fact, according to a survey conducted by Theatrical Market Statistics, an average of $1.6 million is commonly spent per film on trailers. That’s why we’re able to have the glitzy, high-quality trailers to which we’ve grown accustomed, the ones that get us super-hyped for each new movie or show.   

So, what happens when average guys make a movie trailer on the lowest budget possible? (Hint: it gets pretty hilarious). A group of YouTubers who post under the channel name Studio 188 have made it their mission to remake the trailers of some of the current most popular movies and TV series, including everything from The Avengers to Game of Thrones.

It might seem like nothing more than a silly side-project, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth! In fact, low-budget trailer remakes may be the next big thing to break the internet because fans everywhere are loving this trend. And while Studio 188 has crafted a uniquely hilarious Game of Thrones trailer, they’re hardly the first to come up with this idea.

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