15 Celebs Who Are Real Jerks!

We all admire our favorite celebrities and expecting something cruel or rude from them is something we can’t even imagine. Well, why not? Celebrities are humans too and just like you, they have the right to express how they feel every once in a while (although they do a great job at hiding it, hence the acting skills). Below is a list of celebrities who have all had their moments and as always these moments were captured by the media! So here goes:

1. Julia Roberts


When we think about Julia Roberts all we see is that dreamy smile and those amazing acting skills. However, the star has earned a bad reputation when it comes to treating her underlings. According to reports, she does not treat her workers with respect. Once she carelessly threw a dress across the room and asked her stylist to get it for her. 

2. Ariana Grande


This bubbly pop star might have been having a meltdown or caught up in the act when she finished a show once and while going backstage, yelled: “My fans should all f**king die”. That was a shocker. 

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