15 Celebs Who Are Real Jerks!

We all admire our favorite celebrities and expecting something cruel or rude from them is something we can’t even imagine. Well, why not? Celebrities are humans too and just like you, they have the right to express how they feel every once in a while (although they do a great job at hiding it, hence the acting skills). Below is a list of celebrities who have all had their moments and as always these moments were captured by the media! So here goes:

1. Julia Roberts


When we think about Julia Roberts all we see is that dreamy smile and those amazing acting skills. However, the star has earned a bad reputation when it comes to treating her underlings. According to reports, she does not treat her workers with respect. Once she carelessly threw a dress across the room and asked her stylist to get it for her. 

2. Ariana Grande


This bubbly pop star might have been having a meltdown or caught up in the act when she finished a show once and while going backstage, yelled: “My fans should all f**king die”. That was a shocker. 

3. Christina Aguilera 


The judge of “The Voice” once caused a lockdown of a Sunset Boulevard store just so she could shop alone in peace. Too much for the bling, eh? Because of her the shoppers who were inside the store had to unwillingly stay there until she finished and allowed the store to open again. 

4. Jared Leto


The singer and actor has reportedly been engaged in flirting with women aggressively in a disturbing-come-creepy manner. Once, he apparently gave the finger to a fan who didn’t know the lyrics of his song at a concert. 

5. Kim Kardashian


Now, now, now, Kimmy K can really be a snob. She refused to be photographed by Chris Brown’s then-girlfriend, Karrueche Tran. Word has it that she declared Tran to be too “lowbrow” to be photographed with her. 

6. Carrie Underwood 


Carrie Underwood looks like a warm-hearted country girl but the truth is completely opposite of that. Fans claim that Carrie is actually only nice in front of the camera but off camera, it’s a completely different story. She becomes rude, arrogant and standoffish. Why did you break our heart, Carrie? She admits in an interview with The Orange Country Register that “I have a dark side. Yes, it is evil and I can be very moody.”

7. Josh Duhamel


The “Life as We Know It” star is not really that nice in real life. Fergie’s husband has been observed to be jealous and controlling when there is nobody around. 

8. Lea Michele 


This famous Glee star has been reported to have been behaving very badly on the TV show that gave her a break. Isn’t that selfish, Lea? Rumor has it that when Lea had a major argument with Glee co-star Naya Rivera and David Letterman asked her about it she said things can be “overblown” in the media and how it likes to “pit women” against each other.

9. Jay-Z


Jay-Z might be the ideal husband and father to his children but he can be quite rude like when he ignored phone calls from Robert De Niro who had to confront him at a party about what was going on. 

10. Kiefer Sutherland


The star from 24 is not that pleasing to work with. As reported by his co-stars and Freddie Prinze, Jr., who was working with him on the popular action show, Kiefer would sometimes come to the sets with a fake plaster and stay in his trailer for as long as he liked. The rest of the crew had to wait for him outside until he was ready to start working.

11. Danny Glover


This legendary star does not have a good record with photographers. Apparently, he once punched an AP photographer who was not part of the Paparazzi right in the face. 

12. Zooey Deschanel 


Zooey is one of the cutest actresses in Hollywood but her cuteness does get in the way of her being rude with her staff members on the set. Staff members and other insiders from her show “The New Girl” have reported that the star tends to be very demanding, moody and rude on the sets.

13. Sandra Bullock


The famous actress has reportedly yelled at a fan who was wheelchair bound and requested an autograph from her. Moreover, at many times she has been seen by photographers on the red carpet and makes them ask her multiple times what designer she is wearing. 

14. Ryan Gosling


We hope that he was just having a bad day. Reportedly a writer was working on a story on Karaoke in New York and was doing an interview with the bartender who was Ryan’s sister. She told the writer to get a quote from Ryan who just rolled his eyes and carelessly walked away. 

15. Shia Labeouf 


Now Shia Labeouf is one of those actors who shows their true selves to the world. Recently, he started a campaign that said #IAmSorry, apparently for all the fans and co-stars he has been rude to. He says that being rude is just a part of his “method acting”. Slow-clap.  

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