Stars With and without make-up

3. Jennifer Anniston


Let's be honest, nobody looks as good when they're not wearing cosmetics as when they're fully made up and ready to hit the red carpet. Maybe some people do, but for the majority it's not. However, Jennifer Anniston  makes 50 look like 40 at the very least, and we have to congratulate her on that — Aniston clearly knows good face care because she looks just as swooned without the layers of makeup. She swears by micro-short facials that seem like mini facial workouts! If it works for Jen, it works for us!

Widely known for her role as Rachel Green on the hilarious sitcom Friends, Jennifer has always had a natural look. And maybe that's the key to her youthfulness—without makeup, her skin can breathe freely! Jennifer also drinks a ton of water to stay hydrated and avoids fast foods. Keeping on her toes, she is set to star in the upcoming mystery comedy titled Murder Mystery. We can hardly wait!

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