The biggest new movies coming out in 2022

There will be plenty of movies to watch in 2022, no matter how they’re released into the world. Here are the list of titles with tentative release dates, plus another that don’t yet have dates but will likely arrive before this time next year.



In theaters on Feb. 4


Those Jackass boys — so considerate! When fall COVID numbers threatened to make the prospect of luring audiences into theaters and treating them to an evening of raucous and presumably droplet-spreading laughter, Paramount moved Jackass Forever out of 2021 entirely, to what then seemed like safer pastures.

Maybe it’s counterintuitive to insist on a theatrical premiere for a fourth installment of a movie series based on a half-hour cable TV show, but the stunts, pranks, and kinship of the Jackass movies really do get that extra bump from the audience experience. Given that, it’s hard not to wonder if the movie will shift again depending on the current COVID wave — or if the trailers appearing before every movie released in the past six months will be enough to make that date stick.

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